Mosaic Art Experience

The Mosaic Institute, a 501(c)3 npo, will set up a large mosaic project in the art room (or another large space that can remain undisturbed) for one school week. During that week, children will rotate through in small groups (typically, during their Art “Special” for the week or during another open period) to learn about the art of mosaic and work on the mural.

The completed mosaic will be 30 square feet in total. Design can be LONG at 3′ tall by 10′ long or TALL at 5′ tall by 6′ wide – whichever variation can best be accommodated in the space where the piece will be installed in the school. Many schools have chosen a design that features the school building with an American flag or a depiction of the school mascot. The design selection is flexible and should involve the art teacher/students, but must be approved no later than two weeks before the exploration start date. Everyone in the school is encouraged to participate – students, teachers, administrators, staff, volunteers – even by just stopping in and adding a single piece to the mural.

At the end of one week, the school will own the framed and completed 30 square foot mosaic and can display it for the students to admire and appreciate their school teamwork. All materials for this exploration are provided by The Mosaic Institute: substrate with design transferred; glue; PRE-CUT glass mosaic pieces; grouting; and framing.  Space requirements are an Art Room or other room that can remain undisturbed over the project week, adequate lighting, and tables. This exploration includes five days on site during school hours. The cost per exploration is a flat fee of $1,250 regardless of number of students participating, so the cost per student can vary. Many schools have had this exploration sponsored by their PTO since it is a school-wide project.

Murals are led by Jes McMillan, Founder and Executive Director of the Mosaic Institute. MI has completed a mosaic with every elementary school in the Miamisburg public school system as well as two mosaic murals at Miamisburg High School. These mosaic experiences are wonderful for the kids! They are able to learn a new art form from a professional working artist with 22 years of mosaic experience. The mosaics are a physical representation of the entire school coming together for a single purpose, to create.


Suggested Standards/Benchmarks:


During this exploration, students will collaborate to combine and apply their artistic skills.  Students will be immersed in the shapes, colors, and the proportions, while assembling and predicting the mosaic.  Composition, planning, designing, brainstorming and reflection are all skills that will all be utilized for this collaborative art experience.  While being both the creator and the critic, students will be able to evaluate and understand the innovation expressed throughout this art ‘learning’ exploration.

Take it one step further and analyze the artwork with a mathematician’s glasses.  Allow students to recognize the symmetry of the piece.  You can point out the area and perimeter.  Are your students learning fractions? Can they figure out how much of the piece has red components?

Teachers and administrators are encouraged to select a design theme that may align with curriculum or a special theme of their school or students. This exploration encourages teamwork and collaboration among students, as well as the opportunity to work on large hands-on art project that may not be manageable within a regular school art program.

Visual Arts:
1:1PE-6 PE1PR-6PR 1RE-8RE
2:1PE-7PE 1PR-6PR 1RE-7RE
3:2PE 6PE 1PR-6PR 1RE-5RE
4:2PE,5PE,6PE 1PR-6PR 1RE-6RE
5:1PE-5PE 1PR,4PR,5PR 1RE-6RE
6:1PE-5PE 1PR-6PR 1RE-6RE
7:1PE,2PE,4PE,5PE,6PE 1PR,2PR,3PR,5PR 1RE-6RE
8:1PE,2PE,4PE,5PE,6PE 1PR-5PR 1RE-6RE

Language Arts, Mathematics
CCSS SL.6.5 SL6. 1 W.6.2.a RI.6.7   3.MD.C.6


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