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Many Dayton Region arts organizations and individuals provide outstanding arts and cultural programs that align with school curriculum, but school districts and teachers don’t have the knowledge or time to seek them out. After the Regional Cultural Planning process was undertaken in 2015, Culture Works saw the need for a single source of information sharing between educators and arts providers. ArtsDEEP is a completely free website that connects education professionals with these organizations/individuals and their programs to enrich the education experience for students. Our goal is to make it easy for educators to learn about and find arts and cultural programming on one website that will provide their students with new ways to learn about core subjects.

Research clearly shows that utilizing arts programming to teach students concepts that align with curriculum is very successful. Dayton Region arts organizations such as Muse Machine, the Victoria Theatre Association, the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, and the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance  have years of education programming experience and often provide curriculum standard information and lesson plans along with their programs. Smaller organizations and individual artists also provide valuable programs that can be helpful in the classroom, providing interest and a different perspective of educational concepts.

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