Artist in Residence: Music

During the Artist in Residence: Music Program, Chris Rowlands, Aullwood’s Outreach Naturalist, teaches and encourages students to express their creativity and learn through music. Chris provides guidance for students to research, write, record and perform their songs. At the end of the week-long residency, a professionally recorded CD is created. After the Artist in Residence: Music Program, Chris and the students share what they’ve learned during a performance for the entire school.

This program is held on the school campus. All equipment is provided. Access to electricity is needed. The cost of this exploration is $3500 regardless of the number of participating students (up to the maximum), so cost per student will vary.

Suggested Standards/Benchmarks:


During this exploration, the students can apply the information and skills learned into a musical performance that can include art and non-art subjects. Many standards within the content areas of English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Music can be covered in this exploration. Specific target standards depend on the targeted age group and specific program that is selected. This program is tailored to meet the school’s curriculum needs on any topic. Please contact Aullwood Audubon to discuss.

K:1CE,2CE,3CE,4CE,6CE,7CE,8CE 1PR-3PR, 6PR 2RE,3RE,4RE,5RE,7RE
1:2CE,3CE,4CE,5CE 1PR-3PR,6PR,7PR 1RE-7RE
2:1CE,3CE,4CE,5CE,6CE 3PR,4PR 1RE,3RE,5RE,7RE
3:2CE,3CE,5CE,6CE 1PR,3PR,6PR,7PR,9PR 2RE,3RE,4RE,5RE,6RE,7RE
4:2CE,3CE,5CE,6CE,7CE 1PR,2PR,6PR,8PR 1RE,2RE,3RE,4RE,6RE
5:2CE,5CE,6CE 1PR,3PR,7PR 1RE,2RE,3RE,4RE,6RE
6:1CE,2CE,3CE,5CE,6CE 1PR,3PR,4PR,6PR 1RE-6RE
7:2CE,3CE,5CE,6CE 1PR-3PR 1RE-5RE
8:1CE,4CE,5CE 2PR,3PR 1RE,4RE-7RE
High School:4CE-6CE 2RE,3RE

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