Michael & Sandy Bashaw: WATER!

WATER! is an educational, interactive performance, 45 minutes in length, which speaks to children about the water cycle, identifies various sources of water and demonstrates their interconnectedness in nature. It is presented by Dayton-area musicians Michael & Sandy Bashaw. For over 30 years, Michael has conducted residencies and workshops in hundreds of schools; Sandy began her musical career as a folksinger and recording artist for the Vanguard Recording Society. Both are BMI-affiliated, and Emmy award-winning artists. Because water, and access to clean water are pressing global issues, Michael and Sandy believe that raising awareness of these issues will enable us to successfully meet this 21st century challenge.

LOCATION: WATER! can be presented in a variety of venues: schools, museums, libraries, nature centers, community centers or parks.

LENGTH OF SHOW: 45-60 minutes.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Level area, 6′ x 12′; one electrical outlet, close access to water faucet or spigot.

“Michael and Sandy Bashaw blend their outstanding virtuosity and versatility with one of the most engaging approaches to incorporating science and the arts that I have ever experienced. Their vast array of world instruments, generously shared with even the youngest children, captivates audiences. The quality and variety of music-making along with Michael’s “Pied Piper” persona, create an elixir of learning that is irresistible. The WATER! presentation combines all of these qualities, resulting in memorable experiences that bring home the message, “Science is FUN!” to each member of the audience, children and adults alike.”
Lorna Dawes, Interim Director,
Overfield Early Childhood Program
Troy, OH

“Michael and Sandy Bashaw are able to explore curriculum content through music and visual art in a way that is both illuminating and magical for students and teachers. Your journey with them will be unforgettable!”
Michael Kenwood Lippert, Director
Muse Machine Elementary Program

Suggested Standards/Benchmarks:


The original songs included in WATER! teach children address such topics as the water cycle, and the importance of keeping our water free of pollution. Throughout the show, children are introduced to some common musical instruments — guitar, ukulele, C flute, bass flute and harmonica. In the interactive portion of the show, the Bashaws introduce some more unusual instruments: anklungs from Southeast Asia, an ilimba from Tanzania, and a sheng from China. The musical rain storm gives children the opportunity to share in an improvisation with the musicians and with each other, providing a wonderful lesson in community music making.

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Interconnections within Systems: This theme focuses on helping students explore the components of various systems and then investigate dynamic and sustainable relationships within systems using scientific inquiry.
Earth’s Resources

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