African American Women of History: Portrayals of Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, and More

MsHR has specialized in bringing the history of powerful African American women through reenactment into Dayton Region school districts for over 35 years. She has performed throughout Ohio and Indiana, and as far away as California. She worked with Muse Machine for many years, but now brings her exceptional performances into schools on her own.

This exploration is her portrayal of Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, or Coretta Scott King. Each individual depiction will be scheduled as a separate exploration. Dressed as each African American historical figure, MsHR takes on the personality, speaking characteristics and look of each woman as she teaches students about their lives and their mark on history. Some reenactments include costume changes, and some include the voluntary participation of audience members (students and teachers). All seek to help students understand the role of each of these women in the times that they lived, the world around them, and what made them into the powerful figures we study today.

MsHR also does a Tina Turner portrayal; please contact her for details.

Her goal is to walk in each exceptional African American’s woman’s shoes and bring her to life through powerful song and story, from birth to death. She has researched each character exhaustively for accuracy in her portrayal of them and to honor their history. Her performances have left some speechless and some in tears. Students and teachers have laughed and cried throughout her performance.

This exploration is available to be be scheduled on Mondays. MsHR also has some availability on Tuesdays, contact her for details.

These performances have been provided to groups as small as 25 students in a classroom and as large as 1000 students in an auditorium.

MsHR will require a private area for changing into costume prior to the performance with a mirror, drinking water, and a cordless microphone.

For her Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth re-enactments, she will require a cordless lavalier microphone due to costume changes.

Her Rosa Parks re-enactment requires eight classroom chairs, a bench, and a stool.

Please contact MsHR for details regarding her Tina Turner reenactment.

Performance time is usually 35 minutes, including Q&A at the end.

Cost per exploration is $250 regardless of number of students in attendance.

Suggested Standards/Benchmarks:

The portrayal of historical figures through song and story teaches students about each of these important figures, their role in the culture of their times, and their place in US History.

Songs that align with the period of history when the characters lived are interspersed throughout the performance, so the students will experience music they may not be familiar with.

Other curriculum standards that might be met with this exploration are those in English Language Arts, Theatre, and even Mathematics (statistics, mapping)

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