Dayton Ballet II’s Stories in Motion

Stories in Motion shows students how movement can enhance a written story. Students get to participate to help the ballet dancers from Dayton Ballet II tell their story about Fairytales and Folklore. Use this program as a jumping off point for class discussions about storytelling, characters, plot, setting, turn-taking, teamwork, dance, music, and more!

The cost for this Exploration is a flat $250, so cost will vary depending on the number of participants up to the maximum capacity of 100.

Space requirements: A performance area of 20×24 feet is required
Audience Size: Up to 4 classes
Length: 30 minutes
*Limited program availability

Suggested Standards/Benchmarks:

Many standards within the content areas of English Language Arts, Social Studies, Socioemotional Skills, Music, and Dance are covered in these performances. Specific target standards depend on the targeted age group and classroom connections made.

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